Broadstone Equine Insurance Reviews

Last Updated on March 26, 2022

When it comes to horse insurance, it can be a minefield to figure out which insurance company is the right one for you! One name which is often recommended is Broadstone Equine Insurance, but how good is this insurance company? Let’s take a look at Broadstone Equine Insurance reviews and find out!

What is Horse Insurance?

Most horse owners, trainers, and riders have some sort of insurance policy. This is where you pay a monthly or annual premium to an insurance provider. In return for this fee, the insurance company covers you for certain risks, such as accidents or injuries.

Horse Insurance Policies

The horse insurance policies offered by insurance companies are all very different. It is important to research them carefully before choosing a policy. The cheapest may not always be the best, as it may not fully cover you against all risks. Horse insurance policies can cover you and your horse for a range of different risks, including:

  • Death – Policies that will cover the loss of your horse due to an accident, illness, or disease. The amount to be paid will be agreed upon with the insurance company when the policy is arranged.
  • Loss of Use – If your horse is no longer able to do the job he is intended for then a loss of use claim can be made. For example, if recurrent lameness means your horse can no longer be ridden you can claim for loss of use.
  • Third-party or Public Liability – This covers you if another person is injured or killed as a result of something your horse does. If your horse escaped and damaged someone else’s property then the insurance company would cover the compensation claim.
  • Veterinary Fees – The level of veterinary fees cover can vary widely, and depends on the age of your horse and other risks. A younger horse may be able to get full medical cover, but older horses are often only insured against accidents.
  • Theft & Straying – This is every horse owner’s worst nightmare! This type of insurance covers the costs involved in finding a missing horse, such as advertising and offering a reward.

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About Broadstone Insurance

Broadstone Equine Insurance have been specialists in the horse insurance world for nearly 20 years.  This company is an insurance broker, which means they work with other insurance companies to find you the best policy to meet your needs.

Equine Law and Horse Sense

To put it simply, Broadstone is an agent or middle man. They sell insurance for other companies and help customers to find the right policy for them. They also support customers through the claims handling process and any other problems they may have.

The insurance policies offered by Broadstone Insurance come from the top insurance companies in the country, all A-rated or higher. This means they take all the hard work out of searching for the best insurance policy for your horse, as they do it for you!

How Much Is Broadstone Horse Insurance?

The price of Broadstone Horse Insurance is a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ type of question! No two horses are the same, and it also depends on your requirements. A policy that just covers third-party liability and death from accident will be far cheaper than one which covers all of your veterinary fees.

Broadstone Equine Insurance will take into account all of your personal circumstances and your horse’s details. They will also consider factors such as what you use your horse for and the type of cover you require.

Once all these variables have been weighed up, Broadstone Equine Insurance will search through their insurance providers to find you the best possible policy. Other factors which may affect the price include figures such as the annual claim limit and the deductible excess chosen.

How Much Is Broadstone Horse Insurance

To give you an idea of the figures involved, these are some of the most basic policies offered by Broadstone Insurance:

  • Veterinary Services – starting from $200 per annum
  • Surgical Fees – starting from $150 per annum

Broadstone Equine Insurance Reviews

We have carried out a comprehensive analysis of Broadstone Equine Insurance reviews, and this company is one of the best in the business. They are equine insurance specialists and work with many of the top insurers in the country.

However, Broadstone’s online systems are not as good as some other brokers, so a lot of the admin is done over the phone. They are also not as fast at paying for claims as some other companies.


  • Specialized & personal service which matches you and your horse with a top horse insurance provider.
  • Option to purchase a tailor-made policy, with coverage options including major medical, medical assistance insurance, liability, and much more.
  • Only uses insurance providers who are A-rated or higher.
  • Comprehensive veterinary fee coverage is available for horses at insured values as low as $1,000.
  • Policy fees can be paid online, and payment plans are available to spread the cost.
  • The claims department hotline is open 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • A user-friendly website that has a large range of educational materials.


  • Prices are slightly higher than some other insurance companies.
  • Cannot get an instant quote online. Instead, you have to call an advisor for a quote or fill in an online inquiry to get a quote by email.
  • Claims cannot be submitted online. To make a claim, you need to contact Broadstone Equine Insurance by telephone as soon as possible.
  • Cover may not start for up to 30 days after the policy is purchased.
  • Reimbursement can take up to 14 days when making a claim. This means you may need to cover the cost of veterinary fees for a short period.
Broadstone Equine Insurance - Reviews

Finding the right insurance policy for you and your horse can take a lot of time and effort searching through different insurance providers. A broker like Broadstone Equine Insurance will do all the hard work for you, and they will find the perfect policy to meet your needs. This might mean you pay a slightly higher premium, but this is worth the peace of mind and time saved.

Do you have any questions about horse insurance? Perhaps you’ve got some feedback to share about Broadstone Equine Insurance? Add a comment below this post and we’ll get back to you!

Do I need insurance on my horse?

Horses can require special medical care that can be expensive. If your horse becomes ill or is injured, you’ll need a quality insurance policy. An insurance policy helps to cover your costs associated with an animal emergency, and it will help you to save money on veterinary bills and medications.
 If you’re not sure whether your horse needs insurance, here are some questions to ask yourself: Is your horse in poor health? Are you planning to breed your horse? Does your horse compete? How often does your horse need to be treated? Do you have the means to pay for any emergency care? Have you had a veterinary bill in the last year? Similar to human health insurance, this type of insurance will cover part or all of horse’s health-related costs that might quickly get very high when treating a horse.

What is covered under equine insurance?

Equine full mortality insurance reimburses you the insured value of your horse for death due to accident, injury, illness, disease, humane destruction or theft. You are also covered if your horse is injured and is not able to work, but can be returned to service within a specified time period. If you have an insured horse, you will receive a certificate of insurance from your agent that shows your coverage and the policy number. If you have a claim for damage to your horse’s tack, equipment, vehicle or other property, you can contact your agent and get a reimbursement for the damaged item.

Can you insure a horse without a vetting?

Yes, bot only in case you are doing the renewal and you wish to purchase the same or a lower level of cover. However, you will still need to provide a copy of your renewal invitation and your horse’s clinical history held by your vets. You can also get a copy from your vet.
If you are purchasing a new level of cover for your horse and want to use it for the first time, you will need a vetting. This is where the vet comes into the picture and examines the horse in order to make sure that all the medical conditions are known and written down. On the basis of this vet report, your insurance company will decide whether you can get the cover or not. 

Can you insure a 15 year old horse?

Yes. Until your horse is fifteen years old, you have access to up to 10 different vet fees options, ranging in excess, incidence limits and cover. Once you’ve reached 15 years old, you’re entitled to a choice of five different vet fee options depending on your horse’s age, across both our leisure and competition horse policies.

Does horse insurance cover dental work?

Equine dental treatments are covered by most equine insurance policies. Routine dental examinations are part of your horse’s general upkeep, but further treatment outside of this may be covered by your insurance.
When does my horse need to have his teeth examined? All horses should have a dental examination at least once every year. Your vet will be able to tell if you need to have your horse’s teeth examined more often.