Featherlite Horse Trailer Weight And Features

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Last Updated on March 9, 2022

Choosing the right trailer for the safety of your horses needs serious consideration, here we will delve into Featherlite horse trailer weight (and features). Featherlite is one of the most recognizable horse trailer brands in the United States. They produce a choice of models focusing on safety and durability.

Featherlite Horse Trailer History

Featherlite began making horse trailers forty years ago. It is the first company to produce an entirely aluminum gooseneck trailer. They sell both standard stock models and customer horse trailers for those that have special requirements.

Safety And Durability

A primary focus of Featherlite is to produce safe and durable horse trailers. The company continually works to improve these qualities with new innovations applied all the time. Featherlite horse trailers are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum. 

Because of this construction, the trailers remain as light as possible, helping with maximum fuel efficiency but don’t hinder durability. Safety features include thick rubber floor matting, slam latch dividers, and ‘Light Flo’. ‘Light Flo’ is the name for Featherlite’s innovative drop-down feeders that increase air circulation and light.

Bumper Pull Featherlite Horse Trailer Weight And features

Featherlite bumper pull horse trailers come in seven different models. Depending on which model you choose, these trailers can carry two to four horses. The smallest model is the 9651, which we will talk about first.

9651 Featherlite

The 9651 Featherlite is the most budget-friendly option. It is a step-up trailer with a full swing rear door. Horses travel in a slant configuration, in up to three stalls.

The trailer is 6-feet 7-inches wide and 7-feet tall. The two-horse version weighs 2,700 pounds, while the three-horse version weighs 3,200 pounds.

9651 Featherlite

9652 Featherlite Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

The 9652 is a two-horse trailer with a rear ramp. It is 12-feet 6-inches long, 6-feet 7-inches wide, and 7-feet 6-inches tall. If you want a place to change and store your gear, you will love the dressing room, fitted out with hooks, a clothes hanger, and a blanket rod.

Additionally, this trailer features exterior tie rings, padded breast bars, and LED lights. The trailer weighs 2,700 pounds.

7441 Featherlite Horse Trailer

The 7441 is a slant load bumper pull horse trailer that comes with two, three, and four-horse configurations. The trailer is 7-feet wide and ranges in length from 11-feet to 19-feet 4-inches, depending on the configuration that you choose.

Some other great features of this trailer include adjustable saddle racks, rubber floor mats, and a comfortable dressing room. This is a step-up horse trailer with double rear doors. The three-horse trailer weighs 3,600 pounds.

7441 Featherlite Horse Trailer

Gooseneck Featherlite Horse Trailer Weight

Featherlite has nine gooseneck horse trailer models. These trailers incorporate all the standard features that Featherlite is known for, including a smooth tow. They come in two to six-horse configurations. 

9810 Gooseneck Horse Trailer

The 9810 Gooseneck is a six-horse straight load horse trailer. It has three loading options, one on each side and one in the back. It features equipment and changing room as well as lights, padded dividers, and rubber mats.

The trailer is 8-feet wide and 7-feet high. The 9810 Featherlite Gooseneck weighs 8,200 pounds.

8541 Featherlite Gooseneck Trailer

The 8541 is a customizable Featherlite horse trailer that comes in two, three, four, five, or six-horse configurations. One custom option is the 7-feet 6-inch height and 50-inch stalls, perfect for those who have big horses.

Depending on the option you choose, the width ranges from 7-feet to 7-feet 6-inches and lengths of 15-feet to 30-feet 11-inches. You can purchase a standard version of this trailer, but if you want special features, you have lots of room to customize.

8541 Featherlite Gooseneck Trailer

In addition to reading about this popular horse trailer, have a look at this detailed video tour.

Featherlite Gooseneck Trailers With Living Areas

In addition to their standard horse trailers, Featherlite has some great combo trailers with luxurious living areas. The living area is fitted out with high-quality furniture, that makes your time away from home anything but roughing it.

7821 Gooseneck Horse Trailer

The 7821 horse trailer comes in a slant load floor plan for two, three, or four horses. The living area contains everything to make life on the road with your horses comfortable. You can pick one of the standard decor options or, if you prefer, customize it to your taste.

The trailer is 8-feet wide and 7-feet 6-inches wide. This Featherlite horse trailer’s weight is 10,660 pounds.

Professional S Choice Trailer Window Screen


Featherlite has a reputation for quality trailers. Each of their trailers comes with a 10-year structural guarantee. Throughout the United States, you’ll find more than Featherlite 180 dealers where you can view these trailers in person.

When considering the Featherlite horse trailer weight (and features), you need to ask about the specific model you’re looking at. The configuration, features, and customizations all affect the weight. Finally, whatever model you choose, make sure your towing vehicle is up to the job. Because who doesn’t want safe, comfortable towing!

Are all Featherlite Trailers aluminum?

Featherlite trailers are tough and lightweight at the same time. With an all-aluminum body, they are also stronger and more durable than other trailers on the market. In fact, over 1 million Featherlite trailers have been sold in the United States alone.
They are the most popular choice for horse owners and outdoor enthusiasts because of their versatility and durability. Featherlite offers a wide range of trailer models. Whether you need a utility trailer or a fishing trailer, seems that Featherlite has the right model for you. 

Are aluminum horse trailers good?

Over time, innovations in the aluminum trailer industry have created strong aluminum alloys to improve the quality and durability of trailers. Because aluminum is a lighter metal than steel, it allows for greater payload.
Trailers that come from aluminum manufacturers offer a unique value to buyers because they tend to hold more of their value, since they are typically sold at a higher price than the steel trailers. Although they are both used for the same purpose, they are not entirely the same. Steel is strong enough to handle much larger forces than aluminum but it’s more prone to rust. Aluminum is much more malleable and softer and can easier get bent when hit.

How long do aluminum trailers last?

That depends on the quality of the trailer, the type of trailer, and how well you maintain it. However, it is believed that an average enclosed trailer will last between 10 and 15 years. This is because the life expectancy of an enclosed trailer depends on many factors, such as the quality and design of the trailer and the amount of use it gets. 
However, we are not going to make any assumptions about how long a trailer will last. This can be interpreted in many different ways and is a statement that is best left for your market research to determine.

Where are Featherlite trailers made?

Featherlite Trailers is the oldest aluminum trailer manufacturer in the United States. It  is located in Cresco, Iowa. They manufacture of all kinds of trailers, including horse trailers and a range of speciality trailers.
In 1973, Featherlite pioneered the first all-aluminum gooseneck trailer. The company was officially established that year in Oklahoma before eventually calling Minnesota home for several years. It was a dealer in Cresco, Iowa, that helped Featherlite get started back in 1979, and thus, it began building trailers in Cresco. The expansion to its manufacturing facilities took place in 1985, 1992 and 1995. Since 1993, Cresco, Iowa has been the official home and headquarters of Featherlite Trailers.

Who bought Featherlite trailers?

Featherlite Trailers has been acquired by Universal Trailer Corporation (UTC) and is now owned by Tim Masud and Howard Palmer. The pair also acquired UTC’s livestock trailer brands, Exiss and Sooner.
Universal Trailer Corporation was formed in 1990 as a joint venture between Featherlite Trailers and the former United Trailer Company. The partnership produced and marketed the Exact-X and Super Lite brands of heavy duty truck trailers. In 1998, UTC acquired the full ownership interest in both companies.

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