7 Gifts For People Who Like Horses

Last Updated on May 29, 2022

If you’re looking for that perfect present for a horse lover, you’re in luck, gifts for people who like horses are easy to find. You will find plenty of variety to choose from for families, adults, and children. Horses touch the hearts of many people whether they own one of their own or not.

Because of this universal love of horses, the market is full of equestrian items that express the beauty and spirit of these special animals. To give you some inspiration, we will show you some of our favorite horse-themed gifts here.

Gifts For People Who Like Horses

Many families share an admiration for horses. For some horse gift ideas that the whole family will enjoy check out these options.

#1 Horse-Opoly

Monopoly has long been a staple family board game. Horse loving families will love this equestrian themed version. While the basic premise of the game is the same, every detail has a horsey twist, right down to the game pieces.

In this game, the pieces players can choose to play include a horseshoe, horse trailer, saddle, a bag of oats, and a riding boot. Players buy horses and build their empire of stables. The deeds of each horse you buy include interesting facts about that specific breed of horse.

#2 Horse Personalized Family Name Doormat

If you’re looking for unique gifts for people who like horses, this one is pretty cool. This cute doormat features a galloping horse in the center. The mat is then customized with whatever you want.

For the case of a family, why not customize the mat with the family’s last name. The mat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Gifts For Adults Who Like Horses

Take a look at some of our favorite gifts for adults who like horses. Hopefully, they will give you some inspiration to find that perfect gift!

#3 Canvas Horse Wall Art – LevvArts

When it comes to canvas wall art, you will find hundreds of different options featuring horses. Styles include photographs or prints of paintings. Hanging a horse print canvas on the wall is a fun way to show off your passion for horses.

Choosing just one is not an easy task, but we love this five panel photo print by LevvArts. This is a large piece that acts as a feature piece in a room. The five panels show off three beautiful horses on a black background.

#4 WithLoveSilver 925 Sterling Silver Double Horse bit Equestrian Link Bracelet

Horse jewelry comes in many different designs. We love this sterling silver bracelet featuring a full cheek snaffle bit. If you need a gift for someone who likes horses for a special occasion, such as a college graduation, birthday, or anniversary this bracelet is sure to be a hit.

#5 Horseshoe Wine Rack

This wine rack is super cute for every horse lover. The wine rack is made using horseshoes and can hold three bottles. Its small size fits perfectly on a countertop and is a subtle way to incorporate horses into your home.

Horse Lovers Gifts For Children

You will find hundreds of different items featuring horses that kids will love. Younger kids love Breyer model horses and stuffed toys. You will find jewelry, bedding, wall decals, and clothes featuring horses that are child-friendly.

#6 Kids’ 3-Piece Back to School Kit

We love the brightly colored horse-themed school kit. It includes a backpack, pencil case, and lunchbox, each with horses, rainbows, and flowers on a turquoise base color. The kit also comes with a pink base color decorated with unicorns.

Not only is this horse theme school kit visually appealing, but it is also designed with children in mind. The zippers on each part of the kit are large, so kids will find them easy to open and close. It has large openings, so children can easily reach inside to find what they need.

The lunchbox has a buckle, so it can be attached to the backpack, freeing little hands from having to carry multiple items. Kit items underwent many hours of testing to prove they can stand up to rough use and are made with durable fabric.

#7 Horse 3D Illusion Lamp

The 3D illusion lamp is super fun for both boys and girls who like horses. When the light is turned on, you can set it to display a horse in one up to 16 different colors. It has a cool setting that allows you to rotate four colors. 

This horse gift will appeal to younger kids and even teenagers. It makes a great birthday, holiday, or special occasion gift for people who like horses.

Best Gifts For Horse Lovers

We hope our list helped you come up with ideas for gifts for people who like horses. We aimed to give you a range of ideas that you might not have considered and that would suit a variety of occasions. Tell us if you like the items we included and if you have any of your own suggestions. 

Please share your horse gift ideas in the comments.

What to get someone who likes horses for Christmas?

This is an easy question since there are so many options out there! One of the perfect Christmas gifts are always Christmas jumpers and they can be even better if horse themed! There is always a wide variety of them and normally they are quite affordable.
Another option could be a horse themed candle or a horse themed night lamp. One always needs a warm light to illuminate the room during long winter nights which makes it a perfect Christmas gift.
However, if you feel very generous, you can as well opt for Ariat gear and for sure you can’t do wrong as every horse lover appreciates quality products they can use on daily basis while spending time with their horse.

What to get girls that like horses?

Most of the girls love fashion so why not get her some horse themed clothing or accessories? Could be something pretty she can wear every day, such as t-shirt with a horse print, a pair of horse themed jewelry, or a pair of riding trousers or riding boots, in case she is already training with her horse. In that case a riding helmet can also be a good idea and she will appreciate that you’re taking care of her safety.
Also horse books make great gifts, specially if your girl loves to read! You can also get her something nice for her apartment, for example a horse shaped mirror or a horse themed chair or sofa. These are only some ideas, but there are many other things that you can give to your favorite horse lover. Just remember that the best gifts are always the ones that comes from the heart.

What to get for a friend who loves horses?

Whether it’s a horse lover who is already surrounded by horses, or someone who has just recently fallen in love with the animal, here are some ideas for a gift for them that won’t break your wallet.
When looking for a gift for a friend, why not choose something with a little personal touch, such as personalized horse coffee mug? Coffee mugs are the ultimate in gift giving, so why not give them something that’s uniquely theirs? Personalized equestrian vintage sign, personalized wooden horse pendant necklace, or personalized horse lover tumbler are all good ideas that will make your friend feel special and appreciated. 
If your friend not only loves horses but actually owns one, you can opt for something practical, such as horse print welly rain boots. You could also treat him or her to a grooming kit, which will include all of the basic grooming tools he needs to keep his horse in tip-top condition. A good gift for your friend who is a keen horse enthusiast can also include a subscription for a horse journal or an engraved horse lover pocket knife.

What to get a kid who likes horses?

There are many options when looking for a gift for a kid who loves horses. If you’re looking for the gift ideas for a boy, a Big barn play set or a Large horse toy stable could be a solution. The Gift Horse Farm and Big Barn Toys would make an excellent gift for a little boy who likes horses, horses toys, and horses accessories. A galloping horse stud earrings, a horse necklace or a Paint your own horse kit are some ideas you can use for a present for a girl. The Baby horse toy is a great way to get the little one’s attention as it is a soft horse toy that a small child can play with.