Groom Ninja Review 2023

Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Ever wonder if there’s a miracle method of shedding your horse? Look no further than the Groom Ninja! The Groom Ninja is an innovative product made by the Groom Ninja company, specially engineered to help groom and shed your animals. Let us see some groom ninja review.

Groom Ninja is a relatively new product and a relatively new company, but they have proven themselves to be competitive with top-line grooming products for not only horses, but also dogs, cats, and the like.

Groom Ninja is a genius concept, but there have been mixed reviews about it.  Some animal owners say it works miracles on their pets, and some go to the lengths of saying it has given their pets skin irritations and infections.

In this article, I’ll be introducing the Groom Ninja product line and discussing the many reviews it has received by both individual customers and equine companies.  The Groom Ninja might just be your next grooming and shedding solution, but it’s worth knowing the good and the bad before making an investment!

Groom Ninja Review: Product Description

Groom Ninja is a product used for grooming and shedding animals like cats, dogs, and horses.  The product has three sizes to suit different sized animals, depending on customer needs. 

Groom Ninja Review: Product Description

The small size is only 3 inches long; this would be suitable for cats and small dogs.  The medium size is 5.15 inches long; this would be suitable for medium and large dogs, as well as miniature horses and small ponies.  And, the large size is 8 inches long; this is the size that would be best suited for horses and large ponies.

However, a recommendation from Groom Ninja itself is for horse owners, in particular, was to purchase a set of all three sizes. Different sizes will assist in grooming different areas of the horse.  You can also purchase these Groom Ninja products in twelve different colors.

The Groom Ninja itself is a wooden block with something akin to a hacksaw blade stuck into it. The wooden block is what can be stained in different colors, and it is contoured in shape to fit comfortably in your hand.

The design itself is unique to the shedding blade norm, which typically consists of circular metal devices like curry combs. But, the concept is the same.  Use the metal blades to dig up loose fur, dirt, and the like out of shedding or fuzzy horse’s coat.

There are also other animal-shedding products that take different designs from the Groom Ninja. There are pet vacuums for dogs and animals, and other specialized shedding combs like the Furminator.

Groom Ninja Review: Product Comparison

There are many products that can be used for shedding horses and other animals, so what makes Groom Ninja different?  Another very similar product is the SleekEZ Horse Grooming Tool, which is carried for sale by ValleyVet.

The SleekEZ is essentially the same design as the Groom Ninja; it has a wooden base with a metal blade for shedding.  The biggest advantage that the SleekEZ has over the Groom Ninja is cost. The SleekEZ’s large size is 10” and The Groom Ninja’s small size, 3”, sells for the same price.

Groom Ninja Review: Product Comparison

The biggest leg ups that Groom Ninja has on SleekEZ are its multi-animal use and its contoured handle.  SleekEZ is only advertised for use on horses, so the company is missing out on many different target audiences: cat owners, dog owners, and other small animal owners.

SleekEZ also doesn’t have the contoured design that helps the brush fit to the hand.  It is simply a chunk of wood attached to a blade. Groom Ninja has a nice, contoured design that will help you hold it more easily.

So, essentially, when you buy Groom Ninja you are paying for a higher quality product with better features than other models.

Groom Ninja SleekEZ
-more expensive -more affordable
-used on various animals -used only on horses
-contoured hand grip -no hand grip

Groom Ninja Review on Amazon

Finally- What do animal owners like you and me say about Groom Ninja? On Amazon, the Groom Ninja has received a 66% five-star rating, an 8% four-star rating, an 8% three-star rating, a 7% two-star rating, and an 11% one-star rating.

The biggest of these percentages are obviously the five star and the one-star ratings, so I took a look at these to see what the general consensus of the users was. 

Users that gave the Groom Ninja a five-star rating seem beside themselves with excitement.  Captions such as “best money I ever spent” and “buy one right now” are atop the list of these positive reviews.

These reviews came from people with animals such as long hair cats and thick-coated dogs like Siberian Huskies, German Shepards, and Saint Bernards.  They said that it got the most fur out of their pets, out of any grooming tool they have ever used.

They also go onto say that it has decreased shedding over the days and weeks following use, making daily cleanup and maintenance much easier.  Clearly, the Groom Ninja works for some people!

Groom Ninja Review on Amazon

One the other end of the spectrum, the users that gave GroomNinja one star had really terrible experiences with it.  The majority of these users sounded like they were grooming animals with thinner, more coarse hair, which horses frequently have.

More on Amazon Reviews

Outside of the common “it didn’t work on my dog” reviews, there are even some reviews saying that the Groom Ninja gave animals skin infections and irritations.  Whether this is true, or whether these infections and irritations were caused by another source is unknown, but the use of the Groom Ninja and the irritations happened within close proximity.

Users that had Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and Boxers all gave the product low reviews, saying that their animals didn’t like it and that it didn’t work. Many states that the Furminator is a better purchase.

Some in-between (i.e. 2-4 stars) reviews included users saying that it worked, but not any better than other products.  Or, they said it was effective but because of cost, not worth the investment.

Pros Cons
-good for animals with long and thick fur -not good for animals with thin or coarse fur
  -other products accomplish the same thing

Equine Ridge Reviews

The editor of Equine Ridge himself wrote a review for Groom Ninja.  His consensus was that the product worked the way it is intended to.  It effectively shedded his horses and helped them be more comfortable.

But, his biggest cons were that the Groom Ninja set is expensive, especially if you buy all three brushes.  He also said that, as a man, the small-sized brush was uncomfortable for him to hold. His hand was too big to effectively grasp onto something so small. 

Pros Cons
-effective -expensive
  -can be uncomfortable to hold

Purchasing the Groom Ninja

While it looks like the Groom Ninja website is currently undergoing a remodel, there are many places you can still purchase the Groom Ninja online.  

It might be worth your while to try to see if one of your friends has groom ninja for you to test out before purchasing! This is always a good precaution to take before investing in a new product, especially one that isn’t necessarily cheap.  

You might be surprised as to how many people you know own a Groom Ninja already! If they enjoy the product and it works well on their animals, they will probably be more than happy to let you test it out.


It seems like the use of the Groom Ninja could go either way for you and your horse! Some animal owners have loved it, and others have not.  If you’re looking to try something new to help your horse shed out, this may be a great route to take!

Groom Ninja does offer a 100% money-back guarantee, meaning that you can return your brush or brush set if you do not find that it is working for you and your animal(s).  So, giving it a try definitely can’t hurt! Worse case- you decide the Groom Ninja doesn’t work for you, and you return it, using your money to try something else that does.

The Groom Ninja is a bold step into a different kind of shedding tool that reaches many different audiences, being usable on cats, dogs, horses, and other animals that require grooming.  Sometimes new products don’t work out for everyone, and require fine-tuning to fit the needs of each individual customer.

Whether this is the case with Groom Ninja or not,  it may be worth your while to give it a try. If you found this article helpful, please give it a share, and share with us your Groom Ninja experiences in the comments!

Does Groom Ninja work on horses?

The manufacturer claims that works excellent on horses and can also be used to clean saddle pads. You don’t need to worry about damaging your horse’s skin with Groom Ninja.When used correctly it will not cut skin. The Groom Ninja is not a shaving tool but a shedding, grooming  and cleaning  tool. It removes hair, dirt and dander year round. It does not cut or shave fur or hair. For horses is recommend the combo pack of all three existing sizes of the Groom Ninja for different parts of the horse.

How does the Groom Ninja work?

The groom Ninja is a shedding tool that cleans your horse’s coat and help with shedding. It resembles a comb and has a sturdy wooden block handle and a high quality metal shedding blade. The blade itself is made of carbon steel and handle of poplar wood. They are made in the USA and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. 
The groom Ninja is designed to give you the best grooming experience possible. It’s not just a grooming comb, it’s a great tool to help you groom your horse, and keep him looking shiny and healthy. All you need to do is scrape the shedding blade along the hair and you will see how the hair pile up. You can do this all over your horse’s coat and legs.  Use the smallest blade for the face for the best results. And the most important – horses love it! 

Can you overgroom a horse?

Yes, if you are grooming your horse with harsh brush and excessive force, overgrooming is possible. Even more if you are applying force on the sensitive areas. Overgrooming can leave a horse with sore skin and hair loss, and even result in infection.
You should pay special attention while grooming a horse when he is ill or injured. It’s best to leave a horse alone when he is in pain. If your horse is in pain, you can massage him with a soft brush to ease the pain.

Do horses like being groomed?

In general, horses really like to be groomed. You can see that from the horses’ reactions. When you groom a horse, it’s not only to clean his coat. It’s also a great way to calm and relax a horse. If you pay attention while grooming your horse, you may notice that he has some sensitive areas and areas where he really enjoys grooming. A good groomer would know how to work on all parts of the horse’s body. Groom your horse with care and he will enjoy and appreciate the experience. 

Why is grooming good for horses?

Because it’s a fun and rewarding activity that makes horses happy. Does grooming make horses clean? Absolutely. But grooming also makes them feel good. It stimulates the blood flow in the skin and also acts as a massage for big muscle groups.
Grooming should be done regularly, ideally every day. If you can’t groom your horse every day, it should be done at least a couple of times a week. When you groom your horse, you’ll notice that he’ll be more relaxed and willing to work.