How Can You Help A Horse That Is Abused?

Last Updated on June 9, 2022

It can be very distressing to see a horse being treated badly. But in this situation, how can you help a horse that is abused? Is it better to intervene or to get help from the authorities? Let’s find out!

How Can You Help A Horse That Is Abused?

For a horse lover, seeing a horse being abused can be truly heartbreaking. These gentle creatures want nothing more than a safe place to live, food, water, shelter, and some companionship. However, unfortunately, there are still people around who do not know how to care for horses properly.

If you suspect that a horse is being abused, it is important not to react straight away. Whether this is a one-off situation or something you see on a regular basis, making sure you get the proper help will give the best chance of the horse being rescued from that situation. Confronting the owner or carer of the horse is unlikely to stop the animal from being abused, and may put you in danger of physical harm.

You Can Help A Horse That Is Abused

Before alerting the authorities, you also need to be certain that the horse is being abused. Some horses may not appear to be as pampered as your favorite horse or pony, but this does not necessarily mean that they are being abused. Other horses may be very nervous around humans, but this could be due to poor handling rather than abuse.

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How Do You Tell If A Horse Is Mistreated?

If you see a horse that appears to be mistreated or lives in unfavorable living conditions, how can you tell if there is a problem? Firstly, let’s look at some examples of why horses may not seem to be in peak condition or are not living in perfect accommodation.

A common problem in the equine world is horse owners who get reported for neglect of an elderly horse. However, the horse may be thin or underweight simply because it is older or suffering from degenerative health conditions. It is highly likely that the owner is doing everything they can to keep it in the best condition through its retirement years.

You may see a horse in a field with very little grass or hay, and think that it is being starved. But it may be the case that this animal suffers from obesity problems, and cannot eat fresh grass.

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How Can You Help A Horse That Is Abused

Signs Of Neglect In Horses – How Can You Help A Horse That Is Abused

There are some key signs of neglect in horses, that should always be reported to the authorities.

The first of these is when a horse is not given enough to drink – horses should have access to clean, fresh water at all times of the day and night. If you see a horse that is frequently denied access to water, it is at high risk of suffering from serious health problems, or even death.

Another telltale sign of mistreatment of a horse is overgrown and misshapen hooves. The hooves of a horse require regular attention from a farrier to keep them in good condition. If the horse is neglected, the hooves will become long and very painful.

If a horse is too thin and seems to have inadequate food and shelter it is also likely that it is being neglected. Do not be tempted to feed a horse in this situation, as you could trigger a health problem. Instead, it is best to seek help from animal welfare professionals.

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How To Get Help For A Horse That Is Abused

If you suspect that a horse is being abused, it is vital to contact the animal welfare authorities in your area. They will have the legislative power to intervene if a horse is being abused. In a severe case of neglect, the horse may be taken away from the owner or carer, and placed in an equine rescue shelter instead.

In other situations, you might be disappointed when the animal welfare authorities do not confiscate the horse. However, this often involves a complex, lengthy, and very expensive legal process. They may opt to take alternative options such as advising the horse owner or carer on how best to care for their horse.

Summary – How Can You Help A Horse That Is Abused

So, as we have learned, finding the best way how you can help a horse that is abused depends on many things. Each individual situation will need to be assessed carefully, and it may be better to contact animal welfare authorities rather than try to deal with the problem yourself. Many people do not realize that they are abusing their horses, and we can help them by showing them the best way to care for a horse.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how can you help a horse that is abused! Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation where you’ve witnessed a horse being abused? Or maybe your horse or pony came from a horse shelter that rescued it from abuse? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!


How Can We Help Horses?

We can help horses by raising awareness of equine abuse, and taking steps to help horses that are at risk of abuse. The best way to do this is to support an animal welfare charity or equine rescue center in your local area.

How Do I Stop My Horse From Being Abused?

If you think that another person is abusing your horse, this can be a very difficult situation. The best thing to do is get evidence that your horse is being abused, such as photographs or videos. You can then seek the help of animal welfare authorities.

How Do You Get A Scared Horse To Trust You?

Building a bond of trust with a scared horse is a lengthy process. The best place to start is by using positive reinforcement, such as treats, to reward them for spending time with you.

How Do You Build Confidence In A Horse?

Horses respond well to positive training methods, and this will help them to build confidence. Every time your horse does something well, tries something new, or learns a new skill, reward him with a positive treat such as a snack, back scratch, or kind word.