11 Best Horseback Riding Boots For Kids

Whether your child is riding western or English, we have found the best horseback riding boots for kids, with quality and price in mind.


Footwear is Essential

A proper riding boot is necessary when horseback riding. Not only will proper footwear provide stability, better leg/foot cues, and comfort, but boots are a safety requirement.

Riding-Specific Boots

Like any other sport or extracurricular, there is proper attire and equipment for horseback riding. Although it might be tempting to save a few bucks by purchasing ...

One of the most important features of children’s riding boots is the level of ease to put on/off. For this reason, we did not include English ...



Boots are normally leather, but equi-leather and other faux-leather options have been dominating the paddock boot market. This is because most of these synthetic materials look and feel ...

Ariat  Kids’ Scout Zip Paddock Riding Boot

Ariat is a trusted brand among all equestrians, in both English and western disciplines. This unisex paddock is a full-grain leather with a ...

Roper Texsis Square Toe Faux Leather Cowboy Boot

Roper Texsis Square Toe Faux Leather Cowboy Boot Roper made the list again with this synthetic boot ...

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