3 Best Air Vests For Horseback Riding That You Can Find on The Market 

It is no secret horseback riding can be one of the most dangerous sports. In fact, riding is considered more dangerous than football, skiing, and even motorcycle riding.


Equestrian Air Vests

Although there is some variation among air vest designs, the principle remains the same. Vests have some type of mechanism, usually a string attachment to a saddle, which ...

Air Vests vs Body Protectors

Before the emergence of equestrian air vests, traditional body protectors dominated the market. Body protectors are worn during rides but do not change in any way upon ...

Air vests can be used in any type of riding, although some competition agencies may have specific rules or requirements.

Disciplines Used

Safety Ratings

Air vests are still new and do not fall under the same safety ratings as traditional body protectors. Body protectors fall under ASTM standards, but there is no current standard for ...

Ongoing Studies for Air Vest for Horse Riding

As of now, little is known about the actual safety and efficiency of air vest usage. Studies are best performed with minimal to no change in variables, ...

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