3 Most Common Causes of Founder In Horses

If your horse is prone to laminitis, finding the right forage can be a minefield. Can a horse founder on hay, or is grass the problem? 


What Is Founder In Horses?

Founder in horses is a debilitating and painful disease that affects the hooves of the horse.

Why Do Horses Founder?

The reasons behind laminitis are not fully understood, but we do know that there are three key groups of reasons why horses founder:

1. Acute Inflammatory Diseases

When a horse suffers a sudden and severe inflammatory response, laminitis often occurs as a secondary condition.

2. Hormonal Diseases

Endocrine, or hormonal, diseases are the most common causes of laminitis. 

3. Mechanical Overload

When a horse is forced to bear additional weight on a limb for a long period of time, laminitic changes can occur within the hoof. 

So, as we have learned, the question of can a horse founder on hay depends on the underlying cause for the laminitis. 


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