5 Best Saddle Soap For Shoes – Our Favorites

Leather shoes need regular care if you want them to last several years, without it, they can look bad pretty quickly, so what is the best saddle soap for shoes? 


Why You Need Saddle Soap For Shoes

A pair of leather shoes will last several years if you look after them well. Good care will keep the leather clean and prevent it from drying out or cracking.

Tools You Need For Total Shoe Care

You need a number of tools to take care of your shoes correctly. The first tool you use and need is a shoe brush. 

Daily Shoe Care Tips

How much daily care your shoes require depends on a few factors. To preserve the structure of your shoe, always use a shoehorn to put them on.

How To Use Saddle Soap

Saddle soap is easy to use. All you need is a clean rag or sponge, and some warm water.

Best Saddle Shoe Soap

To help you navigate the many choices, the following are what we feel are some of the best saddle soap for shoes.

Fiebing’s Saddle Soap

It seems like Fiebing’s Saddle Soap has been around forever, which is pretty accurate. 

Fiebing’s Glycerin Saddle Soap Bar

Another product from Fiebing’s is its glycerin bar. Glycerin is a gentle, yet effective leather cleaner.

Bickmore Saddle Soap

Bickmore is another saddle soap maker that is making this product for over one hundred years.

Lexol Leather Cleaner

Lexol Leather Cleaner is slightly different than our previous products. This leather cleaner comes in liquid form.

Kiwi Saddle Soap

Kiwi Saddle Soap comes in a convenient and easy-to-store metal tin.

Our Saddle Soap For Shoes Top Pick

While every saddle soap in this list is an excellent option, we have to pick a favorite. Our first choice is Fiebing’s Saddle Soap.

Navigating the best saddle soaps for shoes is a bit of a minefield. There are hundreds of choices. When it comes to choosing the best saddle soap for shoes, we advise sticking to tried and tested products.


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