7 Best Fly Sheets For Horses

Fly control is an important aspect of any livestock operation and a seemingly uphill battle for horse owners. One method to provide horses comfort from pesky insects is the use of fly sheets.easier.


Fly control is important for several reasons. Flies can be managed through pasture control, barn control, and even direct spray. 


This might seem like a no-brainer, but fly sheets vary in coverage.


Is your horse a shredder, or the type that loves their “clothing”? This can make a huge difference in purchase selection.


Sometimes your budget will dictate what type of sheet you own.

Top 7 Picks For Best Fly Sheets For Horses

1. Bucas Buzz-Off   Zebra Fly Sheet

The other horses might laugh, but this is some serious fly control.

2. Kensington   Platinum SureFit   Protective Fly   Sheet

High end with an incredible fit: Kensington is known for its luxury fly products. 

3. Weatherbeeta    Comfitec Airflow    II Neck Fly Sheet

Ultimate comfort for your horse: Weatherbeeta outdoes themselves each year with their spring fly collection launches. 

4. Centaur Super    Fly Sheet

Top pick for durable economy fly sheets: Centaur is known for delivering excellent products at an amazing price. 

5. AMIGO   Evolution Fly   Sheet

Favorite for fit and technology: Amigo sheets and blankets never disappoint.

6. Shires Sweet-Itch    Combo Sheet

Favorite for the itchy horse: This is a high-coverage combo sheet for horses extremely sensitive to biting insects or prone to sweet itch. 

7. Saxon Combo    Mesh Sheet

Comfort and durability at a moderate price: This is a comfortable and soft mesh blanket with sturdy hardware, including shoulder gussets and an adjustable belly wrap. As a higher coverage fly sheet, the light reflective color look keeps horses cool and comfortable.

Honorable Mention: Cashel Quiet Ride Belly Guard

This product was created to protect your horse’s underside from biting flies during rides.

Your horse’s actions in the flysheet can determine what would be the best fly sheet choice for him/her. Fly sheets can be a hassle to deal with every morning, but sometimes horses need additional effort for optimal care and comfort.


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