8 Best Cowboy Hats For Women

Cowboy hats may or may not be a staple in your wardrobe, but in either case, you shouldn’t compromise quality! With so many variations in color, material, brims, and crowns, the selection can seem overwhelming.


What to Look for in a Cowboy Hat for Women


As mentioned above, fit can typically be customized through steaming.


Quality makes all the difference in cowboy hats. Unless you’re wearing it for a costume on Halloween ...


The shape is a very subjective topic, especially for women. 


Bargains are great, and sales are even better. 

Top Picks For Cowboy Hats For Women

#1 NRS American Hat Company Open Crown Felt Hat

NRS is known for its quality tack and handy ranch supplies, but their hats are extreme quality at a reasonable price. 

#2 Stetson 6X Skyline Pre-Creased Felt Cowboy Hat

Available in 1/8 increment sizes, Stetson delivers a high-quality 6X construction hat ...

#3 Rodeo King 7X 65 Cream Hat

Rodeo King is a US-made horseman favorite. This 7X beaver hat is ideal for ladies with smaller faces and features a 4″ rodeo brim. 

#4 Stetson 100X Griffin Straw Cowboy Hat

Although available in multiple crease options, this Stetson 100X Griffin hat features a 4.25″ brim.

#5 Rodeo King 24K Shantung Diamond Straw Cowboy Hat

Custom crease available on this US-made Rodeo King straw hat! It’s a 24K style and features a leather ...

#6 Resistol 20X Cut Bank Straw Hat

This is our top pick for straw hats! Resistol is a continuous leader in cowboy hats, and this Cut Bank 20X design is no different. 

#7 Ariat Natural Palm Cowboy Hat

Palm leaf cowboy hats are growing in popularity. They boast a much lighter price tag, do not require steaming to shape, and are surprisingly durable.

#8 Atwood 4X Dark Palm Straw Cowboy Hat

Known for quality economical hats, this Atwood 4X palm cowboy hat features a petite ...

Honorable Mention: Resistol Ride Safe Helmet

Resistol Ride Safe Cowboy Hat Helmet Although not your typical cowboy hat, we had to include this headgear! 

Although there aren’t technically gender-specific hats (unlike the fit of blouses or jeans), hats can be accessorized to appear gender-specific. A great quality hat with high performance will be the same on a man or a woman.


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