9 Best MSM Supplements For Horses

MSM is used as a popular joint health supplement for both humans and animals. Methylsulfonylmethane, more commonly known as MSM, is a chemical used to decrease inflammation and joint pain. 


What is MSM for Horses?

MSM is organosulfur, which is naturally occurring in both plants and animals. Although animals utilize and benefit from sulfur, mammals cannot actually use pure sulfur.

Inside MSM Functions

Horses typically obtain sulfur from methionine or cysteine, both amino acids. Although cysteine can be produced internally from methionine, methionine must come from a horse’s food consumption. 

Which Horses Will Benefit from MSM Supplements?

Horses suffering from arthritis or poor hoof condition will likely benefit from MSM. Studies have shown MSM can slow the progression of arthritis in horses through cartilage degradation prevention.

What is the Proper MSM Dosage?

Most generic dosages will recommend 2 grams of MSM per 100 kg of body weight (220 lbs). However, many are giving MSM in therapeutic doses for inflammatory issues. 

Best MSM Supplements for Horses

#1 Vita Flex Pro MSM Joint Supplement #2 AniMed Pure MSM Supplement For Horses #3 Ultra-Pure MSM For Horses #4 UltraCruz Equine Horse MSM Joint Supplement

Best MSM Supplements for Horses

#5 Nutramax Cosequin Equine Optimized with MSM #6 Majesty’s Flex Wafers Equine Joint Support Supplement #7 Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof and Coat

Best MSM Supplements for Horses

#8 Richdel Legacy Joint Support For Senior Horses #9 Uckele Arthroxigen CR Pellets for Horses

These two proteins contain high amounts of the sulfur-filled amino acid, cysteine. If a horse is sulfur deficient, owners will likely notice weak joints, hooves, pain, and inflammation.


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