Appaloosa Horse Temperament. Top Experts’ Advices

Noticing some unusual spots? Maybe, you’re just seeing an Appaloosa horse for the first time! Appaloosa’s are a breed native to North America that was originally used as a mount for Native Americans.


Appaloosa Temperament Qualities 

The Appaloosa horses’ entire temperament is based on their high intelligence levels.  This is because, appaloosas are extremely smart and because of this, they ...

How Activities Affect Appaloosas’ Temperament

Appaloosas, like many horse breeds, thrive on a regular schedule of exercise and turnout.  Given that the breed is athletic and has a lot of energy ...

How to Train Appaloosa Horse Based on Their Temperament 

Training will be different for every horse, but there are certain things that Appaloosa enthusiasts recommend keeping in mind when training ...

Is Coloring Linked to Personality with Appaloosas?

While some believe that there is a connection between an Appaloosa’s color and its personality, perhaps due to some examples of potential ...

They are very athletic and intelligent horses, and their care must reflect that in order to form a successful partnership.


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