Are Dominant White Thoroughbred Horses Rare?

You might occasionally see a gray Thoroughbred, but overall the coloring of this breed is fairly basic.  But did you know that you can get a dominant white Thoroughbred horse as well?!


What Color Are Thoroughbred Horses?

– Black – Bay – Brown – Chestnut

– Palomino – Gray – Roan – White

Of these colors, some are much more prevalent than others. Bay, chestnut, and gray are the most common colors of Thoroughbred. White Thoroughbred horses are the rarest of all the colors.

What Determines The Color Of A Horse?

Interestingly, all horses are based on two basic colors – black and red (chestnut). Each horse inherits either a black or red gene from each parent, which determines the basic coat color.

What Is A Dominant White Thoroughbred Horse?

A dominant white Thoroughbred horse is one that has inherited a specific gene from one or both parents that creates white coloring. 

So, as we have learned, when a Thoroughbred horse inherits the dominant white gene it will have white patches over its body. It may even be completely white, although this coloring is very rare.


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