Are Horses Good Swimmers?

Talk about animals swimming, and horses would not be the first creature to come to mind! But have you ever wondered if horses can swim? And are horses good swimmers?


Can Horses Swim?

You might look at your horse or pony and wonder what would happen if it went into the water. These huge, heavy animals would surely sink in deep water, right? 

How Do Horses Swim?

Horses can wade through pretty deep water, and they won’t start to swim until their hooves no longer touch the bottom. 

Are Horses Good Swimmers?

Horses are surprisingly good at swimming, although they are not particularly fast. They can swim across large expanses of water at a steady pace, maintaining forward motion ...

Is Swimming Good For Horses?

Swimming is very good for horses, provide it is carried out correctly. There are two reasons why horse owners and trainers might take their horse swimming:


Hydrotherapy is a form of physical therapy that helps horses recover from injury.


Swimming is a very physically demanding form of exercise for horses. It increases muscle development and stamina, as well as improving the flexibility of the limbs.

How To Swim With A Horse

If you want to start swimming exercise with your horse, the best place to begin is at a local equine training pool. 

Can You Ride A Horse When It Is Swimming?

If you want to try open water swimming with your horse, the best way to stay in control is by riding your horse. 

So, as we’ve learned, horses are strong swimmers who can float easily in water. They can maintain a steady pace in calm water, and most horses have good natural swimming abilities. 


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