Are Horses Meant To Be Ridden?

Horses have had a relationship with humans for several centuries, and the question of are horses meant to be ridden brings up some strong opinions. 


History Of The Horse’s Relationship With Humans

The human connection with horses started thousands of years ago in 3,500 BC. Research shows the first horse domestication occurred near Kazakhstan and southern Russia. 

Horses And Intelligence

How To Tell If A Horse Is Happy:  A happy horse will show a relaxed stance, put its ears forward or flopped to the size, or lower its head.

Are Horses Meant To Be Ridden

Does Riding A Horse Hurt It: We can develop a good, ridden relationship if we take the horse’s needs into consideration. Poor training methods, ill-fitting tack, and poor riding can cause horse pain.

Taking a black and white view, horses are not meant to be ridden. They were not placed on earth to do this job. Wild horses happily lived their lives roaming the land with their herds.


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