Average Weight of Horse Trailers

Safety is the number one priority when hauling a horse, so it is important that you have a trailer that fits your vehicle and horse. One of the key aspects to finding the right trailer is knowing the average weight of horse trailers.


Types of Trailers

* Bumper Pulls - They are designed to be able to be pulled by most SUVs and pick-up trucks.  * Goosenecks  - They are often more stable than bumper pulls because of the tongue weight being over the truck’s rear axle versus the back of the frame.

* Trailers with Living Quarters  - They are a popular choice for those who show, as many show facilities have trailer hookups available. This allows you to be on-site at the facility your horse is staying at. * Stock Trailers - They are often made from steel or aluminum and are the most budget-friendly trailers. They can be bumper pulls or goosenecks. Stock trailers can be either two or four-horse.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

It is the weight limit for your vehicle set by the manufacturer. Most cars have a sticker with their GVWR. The GVWR weight includes the weight of passengers, equipment, cargo, and tongue weight.

Vehicle’s Towing Capacity

When going to purchase a trailer, you need to find out your vehicle’s GVWR. If you have a large pick-up truck, such as a Ford F-450, it will have a towing capacity of around 21,000 pounds or up to 34,000 pounds  ...

Average Weight of a Two Horse Trailer

It is important to take in consideration how much your horses and equipment will weigh. Once you add two horses, approximately 1,000 pounds each, hay, grain, tack, clothes and ...

If you are looking to get a horse trailer, there are some things you need to take into consideration. You need to consider how much your vehicle can tow, how many horses you will tow, do you need storage space and do you want living quarters.


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