Belgian Horse Characteristics – Everything You Need To Know!

Are you a fan of the beautiful Belgian horse? Let’s find out all about them with our Belgian horse characteristics review!


What Is A Belgian Horse?

The Belgian horse is a type of horse known as a draft horse – this is a breed that was traditionally used for farm work and hauling heavy loads. This breed, also known as ...

Belgian Horse History

The Belgian is a draft breed of horse that originated in the 17th century. It is thought that they are descended from the great battle horses of the Middle Ages – they must ...

What Does A Belgian Horse Look Like?

Although all draft horses are tall and thick set, there is something that sets the Belgian draft horse apart from the crowd. Their body is highly muscled, with ...

Belgian Horse Characteristics And Traits

There are many Belgian horse characteristics, and one of these is that they are renowned for their willingness to work. In the past, these strong and ...

So, as we have learned in our review of Belgian horse characteristics, this is a draft breed of horse that originated in the 17th century.


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