Best Calming Supplement For Horses

Owning a horse with an anxious or flighty personality can make attending or competing in events a bit tough at times...


Top Picks for Best Calming Supplement for Horses

#1 Mare Magic Calming Supplements #2 AniMed Via Calm #3 Equinety Horse Products

#1 Mare Magic Calming Supplements

Mare Magic Calming Supplement is a raspberry leaf supplement that is used to calm horses. Raspberry leaf has been given to both horses and humans for centuries...

This supplement does more than calm your anxious horse. AniMed Via Calm is also effective in enhancing the overall health of your horse and maintaining your horses’ normal emotional balance. This supplement is intended to be fed daily, but some have used it on an as-needed basis, giving the supplement 30 – 45 minutes prior to riding...

#2 AniMed Via Calm

#3 Equinety Horse Products

This equine supplement is one of the best on the market today...

Ingredients Commonly Used in Calming Supplements for Horses and What They Do

1. Magnesium 2. L-Tryptophan 3. Valerian

4. Chamomile 5. Thiamine 6. Taurine 7. Inositol 8. Raspberry Leaves

The large variety of calming supplements that are available on the market today giving you ample options when searching for the best calming supplement for your horse...


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