Best Children’s Horseback Riding Helmets

If you are not sure where to start, what to look for or have questions about quality, then this Review Round-Up is for you.


Children Riding Helmet: What Should I Look For?

Equestrian Helmets have added protection in the back of the head as well as protection against penetration and impact absorption. Many helmet manufacturers opt to have their products tested by the Safety Equipment Institute or SEI, an independent nonprofit organization that certifies safety equipment for workers and consumers.

Best Children Riding Helmet

Children Riding Helmet, The Pros: The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet is light, breathable and low profile. This helmet is also adjustable, to ensure a snug fit which is very important when considering a helmet for your child. Comes in a variety of colors in case your little fashionista needs some coaxing to wear the helmet.

The Cons: Some of the pros of the Schooler are also its cons. The biggest con of the Ovation brand is that they are not SEI approved. It has been reported that the visor does not always stay in place, this small annoyance could be a deal-breaker for some.

Final Review of Children Riding Helmet: The Schooler helmet has been praised by many for its affordability, adjustability and low profile. One reviewer noted her daughter's helmet broke through the inside after a fall. The lack of participation in the SEI is a major downfall to the helmet's success.

#2-Charles Owen JR8 Children Riding Helmet, The Pros: Reviews of the Charles Owen JR8 praise its breathability. They are also lightweight, have a snug fit and are SEI approved. It is also well priced so it's safe to say in this instance, your head won't get a good bang.

The Cons: Even reviewers who were not in love with the fit rated it at 3+ stars. They come in a limited number of colors- so if color is a factor this would not be the helmet for you. The biggest downside though is that they come in only a few different colors.

Final Review of Children Riding Helmet: If you want a tried and true, trusted brand, Charles Owen is for you. They offer a great young rider’s selection and the JR8 leads the pack.

#1-Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet Children Riding Helmet, The Pros: This helmet is made by Troxel who participates with SEI testing. It is a thick, well-made helmet that is adjustable which with growing noggins is a big plus. The fit, when coupled with the comfort of this helmet, are its strong suits.

The Cons: The helmet is one of the thinnest helmets on the market. The dial used to adjust the helmet has a tendency to slip and require re-adjustment. Reviewers also note that the vents seem small compared to other helmets which may make for some sweaty heads on a hot day.

Final Review of Children Riding Helmet: Troxel is a trusted and well-known brand in the horse industry. While they are thick and warm, they weren't hot to the point I couldn't stand it. They are also SEI approved, which is why they earned the #1 spot.

Helmet safety is a big factor when choosing a helmet for your child. Helmets with SEI approval mean they have been tested and received a quality rating by an independent organization. Fit, comfort and breathability are also major factors to take into account when considering a helmet.


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