Best Jumping Horses – Top Breeds Revealed!

Many of the best jumping horses are similar in terms of size and stature, but are they all the same breed? Let’s find out!


What Type Of Horse Is Best For Jumping?

They are normally a medium-build of horses, with an athletic and nimble physique and quick-thinking temperament.

How Do You Tell If A Horse Will Be A Good Jumper?

Jumping is a skill that not only requires the correct physique, but also the right temperament and technical ability.

Best Jumping Horse Breeds Revealed

Thoroughbred Renowned for their prowess on the horse racing track, the mighty Thoroughbred is also a very talented jumping horse.

Trakehner This breed combines the stockiness and endurance of native breeds with the athleticism, stamina, and courage of the Thoroughbred and Arabian. Hanoverian This breed is stockier and more powerful than the Trakehner and Thoroughbred, with strong,  muscular hindquarters.

Irish Sports Horse This is a large and muscular breed of horse, with a long stride and high levels of endurance. The limbs of the Irish Draft are thick and strong, able to handle the difficult ground. Their Thoroughbred bloodlines enable them to propel themselves over large obstacles with ease.

So, as we have learned, there are many types of horses that can be good at jumping, but some breeds are better than others! Some of the best jumping horses are actually crossbreeds, whilst others are purebred.


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