Bot Fly Eggs On Horses

If you ask my daughter how much it costs to feed her pony she will answer you with gusto: “Thirteen Dollars!” she declares proudly. Wouldn’t that be nice? So how much does it actually cost to feed a horse?


What is a Botfly?

A botfly (also known as heel flies or warble flies), is a parasite (Oestridae) that attack mammals. Their larvae live inside animals, and unfortunately, they are common in horses and other livestock. 


Once a botfly lays eggs, they will be stimulated by your horse’s attempt to remove them or scratch the area. Within the first five days, bots hatch into their maggot form. 

Effects on Horses

Externally, bot flies are an irritant and lay unsightly eggs which are difficult to remove. Internally, large quantities of botflies can cause digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, inflammation, ulcers, and loss of appetite. 

Treatment & Bot Fly Removal

 There are specialty tools on the market for egg removals such as bot fly knives and bot stones. However, they can be particularly difficult to remove even with tools.

Botflies can be a pain but are easily managed and treated. You can read more on deworming schedules here. If you have questions or need assistance in developing a schedule, we recommend consulting your equine veterinarian.


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