Bowed Tendons in Horses

One of the most dreaded injuries a sport horse can incur is a bowed tendons in horses.  Sport horse owners dread the day when the vet gives their horse this diagnosis. 


What is a Bowed Tendon?

According to the American Association for Equine Practitioners, a bowed tendon is when a horse has suffered, “the tearing of the superficial digital flexor tendon in the middle ...

Causes of Bowed Tendons

While there are certain types of horses and certain disciplines that statistically produce more bowed tendons, every horse participating in any ...

Treatment for Bowed Tendons

Similar to many equine injuries and illnesses, there is no magic cure that will make a bowed tendon go back to normal.  In fact, a bowed tendon will never ...

Recovery from Bowed Tendons- Is It Possible?

Thankfully, it is possible for a horse to recover from a bowed tendon.  But let me be very clear- it won’t happen in every case.  Sometimes horses ...

Preventing Bowed Tendons

Bowed tendons are scary, and although it is possible, there is no promise that they can be completely healed. We all want what is best for our four-legged ...

Bowed tendons can be very scary.  Thankfully today, horses can recover from them, and there are things that can be done to prevent them.  I hope this article helped you learn more about bowed tendons in horses! If so, please share it, and share with us your experiences dealing with bowed tendons!


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