Building A Hitching Rail For Horses

Ever seen a horse tied to a hitching rail and thought you’d like to give it a try? We’ve got everything you need to know about building a hitching rail for horses!


What Is A Hitching Post Or Hitching Rail?

A hitching rail is a sturdy wooden horizontal bar, designed to allow riders to tie their horses up securely. The horse is tied up by either looping the ...

How Easy Is Building A Hitching Rail?

Building a hitching post or rail for horses is a simple task that most DIY enthusiasts will be able to manage! However, the hitching post or rail must be built ...

The recommended height for hitching rails is 42 inches above the ground. At this height, the rail should be at about chest ...

What Is The Best Hitching Rail Height?

Best Materials For Building A Hitching Post Or Rail

Traditionally, hitching posts are built from timber. This is the easiest material to work with if you are building your own hitching rail. If you ...

How To Build A Hitching Post Or Rail

If you are building your own hitching post or rail, it is important to take into account the following points:

* Securing The Posts

* Installing A Hitching Rail

* Installing A Hitching Post

Remember that you are tying your horse to a very solid and secure object. While we don’t want our horses to break free easily, we do need to be able to release them quickly and easily in an emergency.


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