Can Horses Drink Beer? And Is Beer Good For Horses?

It might sound a bit far-fetched, but have you ever wondered can horses drink beer? And what about other alcoholic drinks? Let’s find out!


Can Horses Drink Beer?

OK, so this is quite likely something that never crossed your mind until now, but can horses drink beer? 

Do Horses Like Beer?

Many horses do enjoy the taste of beer, and it seems they can even be quite the connoisseur when it comes to what beer they like!

Horse Alcohol Consumption – Do Horses Get Drunk?

The interesting thing about horses drinking beer is that it is highly unlikely that your horse will get drunk. There are two good reasons for this unusual phenomenon.

Why Would You Give Your Horse Beer? Can Horses Drink Beer?

Your horse may well enjoy a cold beer after a long ride, so there is no harm in sharing a beer with him!

Is Treating Colic In Horses With Beer A Good Idea?

Treating colic in horses with beer is an old wives tale, and is never a good idea. When a horse has colic, his digestive system is already under considerable strain. Giving him beer may make this even worse, and is unlikely to resolve the cause of the gastrointestinal pain.

So, as we have learned, horses can drink beer in moderation, and many horses enjoy a cold beer as a treat.


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