Can Horses Eat Oranges And Other Fruits?

We all know how much horses like apples and carrots, but have you ever wondered can horses eat oranges and other fruits?


Can Horses Eat Oranges?

Horses can eat oranges, and this citrus fruit is a good source of vitamin C for horses. To feed an orange to your horse, firstly peel away the skin and discard it. Then ...

What Other Fruits Can Horses Eat?

There is a huge range of fruits that horses can safely eat! As a special treat, why not prepare a fruit salad for your horse on a hot summer’s day? You can even ...

Strawberries Can Horses Eat Oranges?

Sweet, juicy strawberries are a wonderful treat for horses and are packed full of nutritional benefits. They are high in vitamins C, E, and K, and packed full ...


Watermelon is a refreshing treat that most horses will enjoy. This fruit contains high levels of water and will help to keep your horse hydrated.

Some fruits are toxic to horses, and should never be fed to our equine friends. These include rhubarb and persimmon, both of which can be poisonous to horses.

Which Fruits Should Horses Not Eat?

Some horses may not enjoy the taste of oranges, while others will happily tuck into this juicy treat. Other fruits that horses may enjoy include strawberries, watermelon, and pineapple.


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