Can Horses Have Strawberries?

Who doesn’t love to snack on a bowl of strawberries – beautiful, sweet, juicy fruit, packed full of healthy vitamins? They really are a taste of summer! But can horses have strawberries? And are they good for them to eat?


Can Horses Eat Strawberries?

If you are a horse owner or spend time at your local yard, you will be familiar with the huge amounts of hay horses will eat each day! 

How To Feed Strawberries To Your Horse

Because of their small size, strawberries can be fed whole to your horse. 

Do Horses Eat Strawberries?

There is only one way to find out if your horse will eat strawberries, and that is to try them! Select a large, juicy strawberry, wash it, and cut it in half.

What Are Horses Favorite Treats?

Horses definitely have a sweet tooth – they will enjoy anything sugary! Anyone who has ever fed sugar lumps to a horse will be able to tell you this.

What Are The Best Treats For Horses?

If your horse is healthy and not suffering from any medical disorders ...

What Treats Are Poisonous To Horses?

Alliums, such as onions, shallots, and garlic, can cause a form of hemolytic anemia if fed in large amounts.

As you’ve seen, you absolutely can feed strawberries to your horse as a refreshing snack or treat! Not all will like the taste, but many horses do enjoy these sweet juicy fruits. Strawberries should not be fed in large amounts, as they are not a natural part of the horse’s diet.


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