Can Horses Have Watermelon?

Who doesn’t love a slice of watermelon – beautiful, sweet, juicy fruit, packed full of healthy vitamins? They really are a taste of summer! But can horses have watermelon? And is it good for them to eat?


Can Horses Eat Watermelon?

The natural diet for horses is one that contains a high amount of roughage. This means foods which are high in fiber, such as grass or hay. 

How To Feed Watermelon To Your Horse

Horses can eat all parts of the watermelon fruit – the rind, flesh, and pips. The rind should be cut into small cubes to avoid the risk of choking.

Do Horses Eat Watermelon?

Horses vary widely in their appetites – some will eat absolutely anything, while others are much pickier! Young horses are inquisitive and will have a nibble on most things.

What Other Fruits Can Horses Eat?

There are several non-profit organizations and rescue groups that have Mustangs available for adoption to qualified homes. Many of these ...

What Fruits And Vegetables Are Poisonous To Horses?

Brassica vegetables, such as cabbage, kale, and Brussels sprouts, may cause an excess of intestinal gas. 

As you’ve seen, you absolutely can feed watermelon to your horse as a refreshing snack or treat! This sweet juicy fruit is enjoyed by many horses, although not all will like the taste.


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