Can You Administer The Vaccines To Your Horse Yourself?

How To Store Vaccines

Proper vaccine storage is vital in order for them to be safe and effective. So, why should refrigerated vaccines be stored in the middle of the refrigerator? 


What Vaccines Do Horses Get?

Vaccinating your horse is very important in order to keep them healthy and protected from diseases.

How Often Do Horses Need To Be Vaccinated?

Most vaccines are given to horses annually, though some may be given twice a year depending on the vaccine.

When Do Horses Get Vaccinated?

Most horses get their vaccines in the fall. This is to help best prepare horses from mosquito-borne illnesses that are most likely to occur during the summer months.

How To Administer Vaccines Yourself To Your Horse

Though the rabies vaccine must always be given by a veterinarian, other vaccines may be administered to horses by a skilled handler.

If you choose to administer vaccines to your horses, it is important to properly store them so they are effective. 


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