Can Zebras And Horses Mate?

We all know that zebras are stripy horses, right? Well, not exactly! While genetically they are very closely related, the zebra is a different subspecies to the horse. But can zebras and horses mate?


What Is The Difference Between A Zebra And A Horse?

 Horses and zebras belong to the genus Equus, along with donkeys and asses.


It may seem obvious, but zebras are a very different color to horses! Zebras have a distinctive black and white striped coat.


Zebras are smaller than horses, with limbs which are shorter in proportion to the body than the horse.


The zebra can make all the noises we would expect to hear from a horse or donkey. This includes whinnying, braying, snorting, and snuffling.


The hooves of a zebra are smaller and more oval than horses hooves. They are also harder, to cope with the rough and rocky terrain.

Can Zebras And Horses Mate?

It is entirely possible for a zebra and a horse to mate, and this can result in a foal if the female becomes pregnant. 

As zebras and horses have very similar genetics, it is possible for them to breed

Can Zebras And Horses Breed?

What Is A Horse And Zebra Mix Called?

Here are the names for the different types of horses mixed with zebras: -Zebroid  -Zorse, zebrule, or zebra   mule  -Hebra, zebret, horbra, or a    zebrinny   -Zony

What Does A Zebra Horse Look Like?

It is not always easy to guess what a zebra crossed with a horse will look like.

So, as we have learned, it is possible for a zebra and a horse to mate, and they can produce a foal. However, this foal will be a hybrid, meaning it is infertile and cannot be bred from in the future. 


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