Cause and Treating Proud Flesh in Horses

It seems like some of our horses truly believe anything worth doing is worth overdoing. This is because I know a few lucky horse owners who have horses that never had a scratch on them.


Causes and Treatment of Proud Flesh

If your horse is anything like mine, then you’ve had your fair share of injuries. It’s not “if,” it’s “when.” So it wasn’t much of a shock when my horse came in from turnout, with a whopper ...

Proud Flesh and Ice Cream

Proud flesh is also known as exuberant granulation tissue. It’s the excessive growth of connective tissue and blood vessels that fill in a healing wound ...

Snip Snip

If proud flesh does occur, there are a couple of options for you and your vet to discuss.

* Trim the proud flesh.

* Wrap the injury.

* Medicate your horse.


Let’s Not Do This Again

So now you’re through the worst of it, your horse is good and healed and your treating days are over. Until your good ...

In most cases, you can probably manage your horse’s minor injuries yourself. Proud flesh is a wicked ailment with a heck of treatment regimens because the very best option is prevention. But if you’re where I was and you’ve got this doozy in your hands, it’s not the end of the world.


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