Causes Of Cellulitis In Horses- 6 Treatments For Cellulitis in Horses

Cellulitis is a fairly common condition that most often affects the legs of horses. So, just what is cellulitis in horse legs?  


What Is Cellulitis In Horse Legs?

Primary - Primary cellulitis happens in cases with no root cause.  Secondary cellulitis - occurs in horses when there is a known cause.

What Causes Cellulitis In Horses?

The bacteria generally get into a horse through a cut or an abrasion, a surgical incision, a hock injection, severe chapping, or scratches.

Symptoms Of Cellulitis In Horses

Cellulitis is most commonly categorized by extreme swelling in the leg. 

Diagnosing Cellulitis In Horses

It is important for a veterinarian to rule out other causes of the lameness and swelling in order to provide proper treatment.

Treatment For Cellulitis

• Antimicrobial Drugs • Anti-inflammatory Drugs • Cold Therapy • Bandaging – Cellulitis In Horse Legs • Movement • Surgical Drainage

Dealing With Cellulitis In Horses

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that affects the soft connective tissues under the skin, most commonly affecting a horse’s legs.

If you expect your horse has cellulitis, you should contact your veterinarian so your horse can get proper treatment. Your veterinarian can provide proper treatment for your horse that has cellulitis.


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