Causes of Lameness in Horses Front Legs

Lameness in horses is a classic case of “what did you do this time?” Horses, especially horses that are turned out most of the day, have a tendency to injure themselves when their owners aren’t around.


How to Tell Lameness in Horses on its Front Leg(s)

If you’ve ever purchased a show horse, you’ve most likely had a PPE (pre-purchase exam) done.  Determining lameness is done in a similar fashion to a PPE. If you notice your horse is lame ...

Causes of Front-Leg Lameness in Horses

These causes can commonly be broken down into traumatic injuries, hoof injuries, and arthritis.  Each of these causes can be further broken down into specific circumstances ...

Traumatic injuries in the front legs include bone, muscle, joint, and ligament injuries.  Bone and joint breaks and sprains are similar to ...

Traumatic Injuries

Lameness in Horses: Hoof Injuries

Hoof injuries most commonly have to do with the quality of ground a horse spends its time standing on.  For example, if your horse is turned out in a dry dirt pen, he will ...


Just like people, horses get arthritis in their joints as they age.  Unlike traumatic injuries and most hoof injuries, arthritis isn’t something that a horse develops overnight ...

Treatments for Front-Leg Lameness in Horses

Treatments for front-leg lameness will depend on the type and severity of ...

There are infinite reasons why a horse could come up lame in its front end.  But, some of these reasons are more common than others. Thanks to veterinary care, it is becoming easier to determine what is causing a horse’s lameness and how best to treat it.


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