Chopped Hay for Senior Horses

Do you have a senior horse (or two) in your herd? Ever have trouble getting them to eat hay, or to eat at all? Then this article is for you! There are many alternative types of “forage” that you can feed your senior horses, instead of feeding them dry hay.


Chopped Hay for Senior Horses: Forage Alternatives

* Importance of Forage * Forage Alternatives

Importance of Forage

All horses should have forage in their diets.  Forage even makes up the entirety of some horses’ diets! Forage is essentially any natural food source that a horse could find in the wild.  The most common sources of forage are hay and grass.

Forage Alternatives

So, as you can see, forage plays a very important role in a horse’s diet.  So what if your senior horse has trouble chewing his hay? Or isn’t interested in the grass anymore? Thankfully, there are several forage alternatives.

Chopped Hay for Senior Horses: Other Alternatives

* Hay Cubes * Hay Pellets * Beet Pulp * Soybean Hulls * Chopped Hay

Hay Cubes

A popular forage alternative is hay cubes.  Hay cubes are essentially dehydrated hay that has been compacted into small rectangles.  These cubes are then soaked in warm water to create almost a “mash” of hay. Hay cubes ...

Hay Pellets

Hay Pellets are very similar to hay cubes.  They are also dehydrated hay, but they come in the form of pellets, not cubes.  Some believe that hay pellets take more of the nutrients out of the hay than hay cubes do, ...

One of the best forage alternatives is chopped hay.  While still encouraging the horse to salivate to maintain gastric health, chopped hay is easy to chew, easy to swallow alternative to normal hay.  It’s easy to find, easy to eat, and can be a complete substitute for your horse’s forage intake.


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