Comparing The Best Horseback Riding Shoes

Riding a horse is one of the most exhilarating feelings. It is a thrill like nothing else in the world. However, before you ride you need to figure out what horseback riding shoes to wear.


Choosing the Best Horseback Riding Shoes

Whether you are wanting to go trail riding as a new activity or are just starting up horseback riding lessons, you will want to make sure you have appropriate shoes.

Why Do Horseback Riders Wear Boots?

Just like cleats are an essential part of a soccer or football players’ uniform, the same goes for riding boots and horseback riders.


There are boots made specifically for English and Western. 


Riding boots vary in price with leather being the most expensive, followed by synthetic, and lastly rubber.

Boots are made in a variety of different materials so you will have a lot of options to choose from.

Boot Material

Paddock Boots

Paddock Boots are the most popular type of English riding boots.

Horseback Riding Shoes: English Riding Boots

Horseback Riding Tall Boots

Tall boots are worn by hunters, jumpers, and dressage riders.

Horseback Riding Shoes: Western Riding Boots

Western riding boots come in various styles and are often known for their flashy designs. 

If you are looking for a versatile boot that can be used for more than just horseback riding, terrain and hiking boots are great options.

Terrain and Hiking Boots

Horseback Riding Shoes: Non-Equestrian Boots

Muck and Rain Boots

Muck boots and rain boots can double as riding boots if you don’t have other options available.

Tennis Shoes

Though not ideal, tennis shoes can be used for horseback riding. However, if you have a boot you can wear instead, go with that. 

Whether you are going on your first trail ride or are an avid rider, you want to make sure you have proper footwear on while horseback riding. The best option for everyday riding boots is paddock boots, cowboy boots, or terrain boots. However, any boot with a heel, traction, and hard toe will work for horseback riding.


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