Cost to Feed a Horse: A Complete Guide to Feeding Your Horse

If you ask my daughter how much it costs to feed her pony she will answer you with gusto: “Thirteen Dollars!” she declares proudly. Wouldn’t that be nice? So how much does it actually cost to feed a horse?


The Rules of Feeding

Mostly, horses eat 1.5-2% of their body weight daily grazing on grass or hay. Many owners choose to supplement their horse’s grazing with grains, especially in the winter months.

Lush/Plush Greens and Legumes

Green does not automatically mean “good” when it comes to feeding your horse. Lush/Plush green grass in moderation is best.

According to a University of Maine study, horse owners report spending $1,214 on average per on hay and grain alone.

Cost to Feed a Horse, Hay

It can be used as feed, in a pinch for bedding, and offers nutrition that your horse can’t get from the green stuff., fiber and other low-calorie nutrients

Cost to Feed a Horse, Grains

Depending on your horse’s individual needs, you may or may not make the choice to feed grains. You will also find that many owners make seasonal graining choices.

Equine Supplements

* Alfalfa

* Probiotics

The cost of feeding your horse varies greatly based on your location. A bale of hay can cost anywhere between $5-$10 per square bale. Should you choose to grain feed, there can be an added expense. Similarly, depending on your horse’s nutritional needs, they may or may not require a supplement.


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