Cream Gene In Horses

Horses and ponies come in various coat colors, with a wide range of different markings. But what determines the color a horse will be? And is there a cream gene in horses?


What Makes A Horse Have A Cream Coat Color?

The reason that some horses have a cream coat color is that they have a gene called the cream dilution gene. 

Is The Cream Gene In Horses Dominant?

The level of the color change will vary according to whether the horse has one or two copies of the gene.

Can You Get A Cream Horse Without The Cream Gene?

To make matters complicated, a horse can have more than one dilution gene, giving an effect called a ‘pseudo double dilution’.

A horse will have a cream-colored coat if it has the cream dilution gene. However, it is not quite as simple as this! There are many different variations of the cream coat color, and which one a horse depends on many other genetic factors.


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