Cremello Vs Perlino Horses 

Cremello and perlino horses are two of the most beautiful coat colors of all. But when it comes to cremello vs perlino, what is the difference?


How Do Cremello And Perlino Horses Get Their Coat Color?

The cremello and perlino coat colors in horses both come about as a result the same gene, but with one big difference – the original base coat color of the horse is not the same.

Color Dilution Gene And Coat Color

 Cream dilution gene will create palamino coat coloring.  Cream dilution gene will give a cremello coat color. Cream dilution gene results in buckskin coloring. 

Cremello Vs Perlino – What Is The Difference?

Both the cremello and the perlino have a distinctive pale cream coat color. This is because the base coat color of the body of the cremello and the perlino is the same.

Do Cremello And Perlino Horses Have Blue Eyes?

Interestingly, a horse with two copies of the cream coat color dilution gene will have blue eyes. This means that cremello, perlino, and smoky cream horses will all have blue eyes.

Cremello vs Perlino, there are some subtle differences between these two horse coat colors. Both colors are created when a horse inheirits the cream dilution gene from both its dam and its sire. 


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