Different Ways To Braid A Horse’s Mane

Braids can be a fun and sometimes a necessary part of your horse’s grooming routine. Whether you are an avid competitor or have expensive backyard pets, check out some of these different ways to braid a horse’s mane!


Purpose of Braided Horse Mane

For many show horses, particularly breeds with excessive or mane and tail hair, braiding and wrapping is a method of protecting and nourishing the hair.

For Competition

Braids are not only aesthetically appealing; they serve an important purpose for many owners. 

- Mane and tail brush - Finer tooth comb for parting and separating - Hair spray or braid spray - Crochet needle - Yarn - Elastics - Bobby pins

Different Ways to Braid a Horse’s Mane- Braid Styles

Straight Braids:  are the most common braids for pasture, riding, or mane-taming training. Running Braids: or French braids, are often referred to as hunter braids. 

Different Ways to Braid a Horse’s Mane- Braid Styles

Plaits: are a popular braid for dressage. Western Banding: used on a pulled short mane to keep things tidy. Curtain Braid: referred to as continental braids.

With so many styles and variations, there is a braid almost every owner can do! Do you keep your horse in braids for turnout or for riding? What is your favorite braid?


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