DIY Horse Run-In Shelters

Do your horses live outside 24/7, or have long periods of turnout? Do you have to keep your horses inside for the whole day, because it’s only going to rain for a half-hour? Diy horse shelter otherwise known as “run-in sheds” or simply, “run-in’s” can help!


The Importance of DIY Horse Shelter

When horses are outside for turn out, they need shelter.  Every horse’s turn out schedules are different.  Some horses live outside 24/7, others have half-day turnout, and others ...

Different Types of DIY Horse Shelter

There are many different types of run-ins that horses can use for shelter.  The most traditional run-in has three sides and is open on the inside. Horses can come and go as they  ...

Building Plans for DIY Horse Shelter

Materials: A – 2 pieces of 4×4 lumber – 168″ long SKIDS B – 2 pieces of 2×4 ...

Your horse’s comfort is important, but so is your pocketbook! Building your own run-in shelter for your horses can be a solution with both of those things in mind.  Building a run-in should only take about a day, and if you’re accustomed to normal farm work, it really shouldn’t be too hard!


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