Do Horses Bond With Humans? Probably!

There is no denying that horses and humans can form a special relationship, but do horses bond with humans in the way we’d like to think they do? It is hard to answer this question.



Anthropomorphism is the term used to describe the human tendency to attribute human emotions, behaviors, or intentions to something non-human. In this case, we refer to animals, ...

Do Horses Bond With Humans?

Horses do not feel emotions in the same way that humans do, that is not to say horses don’t have emotions. This is where anthropomorphism comes in, and we need to try ...

The first study we’ll discuss focused on if horses formed the same attachment with their owner as they did with a stranger.

Confirmation That Horse Bond With Humans

A different study contradicts the results of the 2020 report. This study was published by Discovery News and concludes horses form a stronger relationship ...

Horses Recognize Human Emotion

The second study ties into another study, confirming a horse’s ability to recognize human emotion. In the study, images of a face showing different expressions, ...

With the flaws in the first discussed study and adding personal experience, it is a strong possibility that horses do bond with humans. The second study supports this belief.


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