Do Horses Eat Corn?

Horses are herbivores and eat only plants. But this doesn’t mean that horses just eat grass – they enjoy lots of other grains and vegetables too! But have you ever thought about whether horses eat corn?


What Is Corn?

If we asked you what corn was, we think most of you would describe the sweet yellow cobs of yellow corn that we all enjoy on a grill or barbeque!

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is the type we are most familiar with and is also known as ‘corn on the cob’ or maize. 

Field Corn

Field corn is similar to sweet corn in appearance but is very different in taste and texture. It is normally used for grinding into cornmeal or cornflour.

Wheat Corn

OK, so this is not strictly speaking a type of corn! However, in some countries, the word corn is used to describe wheat crops and other common grains. 

Can Horses Eat Corn?

If you look at any sack of horse feed, you will see on the label that it contains corn! So it stands to reason that horses can eat corn.

Is Corn Bad For Horses?

There are a few things to bear in mind when feeding corn to horses. 

How To Feed Corn To Horses

If you want to treat your horse to some fresh corn, the best way to do this is to buy corn kernels from the store. 

So, as we have discovered, it is not safe to feed corn on the cob directly from the feed to your horse. This is because it may contain toxins that can cause neurological disorders, or the horse may choke on the tough parts of the cob. 


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