Do Horses Ever Lay Down?

One of the fascinating things about horses is that they can sleep whilst standing up. Weird but true! But do horses ever lay down? And what does it mean when a horse lays down?


Do Horses Ever Lay Down?

In the wild, horses are prey animals that live in herds. Deciding to lay down can be risky as a sleeping horse is an easy catch for a predator!

What Does It Mean When A Horse Lays Down?

Sometimes a horse laying down can be expressing normal behavior, getting some rest and relaxation ...

How Often Do Horses Lay Down?

Although all horses can lay down, this doesn’t mean that they all do! Most horses will lay down at least once per day. However, others may lay down more or less than this.

How Long Can A Horse Lay Down Safely?

There are no set rules about how long it is safe for a horse to lay down. 

Is A Horse Sick If It Lays Down?

Sometimes laying down can be a sign of sickness in horses.  One of the main signs of colic is rolling. However, sometimes a horse with colic will lay down quietly too.

So, as we’ve learned, horses can lay down and will lay down for a sleep when they feel safe. However, sometimes if a horse lays down for too long it may be unable to stand up. Laying down may also be a sign of ill-health, such as colic.


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