Do Horses Get Cold In The Winter?

As horse blankets and tank deicers are coming out for the cold season, it can raise many questions about a horse’s cold tolerance.


Contrary to popular belief, horses grow a winter coat based on decreased sunlight hours rather than a decrease in temperature. This is why some horses will still get ...

Cold Tolerance Variables

Horses are well equipped to handle cold temperatures without human assistance when wind blocks, shelter, and food are available. However, there are many variables ...

Factors such as old age and illnesses greatly impact a horse’s ability to maintain body weight, and in turn, handle the heat.

Natural Causes

Man-Made Causes

Unfortunately, many horses unable to handle cold temperatures have this intolerance due to human interference. Winter coats are frequently impacted or removed by the use of lights ...

Winter Solutions

Fortunately, there are many ways for us to help keep horses warm in the winter. The most important thing you can provide your horses with is shelter. Horses can use shelters with ...

With winter quickly approaching, it’s important to gauge your horse’s ability to tolerate the cold. If you’ve got friends with livestock or horses, be sure to share this article!


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