Do Horses Have Knee Caps? Horse Limbs Explained!

This might sound crazy, but horses’ legs are very similar to human anatomy in many ways! They have many of the same bones and joints, but they are very different in size and strength.


Do Horses Have Knees On Back Legs?

Where the knee of a horse is located is something that many people get confused about. On a human, our knees are on our legs, but what about a horse?

Where Is The Kneecap On A Horse?

The horse does have a knee cap, and this is part of the stifle joint. The correct name for this bone is the patella and it forms the femoropatellar joint.

Horse Knee Anatomy Explained

So, now we understand how the stifle in the hind leg works, what about the joint in the foreleg that we call the knee on a horse? The carpus is another complex joint, ...

What Causes Capped Knees In Horses?

You may have heard someone say that a horse has capped knees, but what is this and what causes it?

So, if we’re saying that horses have very similar bone structures to humans, what happened to their toes? Like many mammals, since ...

Do Horses Have Toes

So, as we have learned, horses do have knee caps. However, these are part of the stifle joint in the hind leg, which is the equivalent joint to the human knee.


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