Do Horses Sweat?

Anyone who’s untacked a horse after a summer afternoon ride has probably noticed dark sweat marks left behind by the saddle and girth. But why do horses sweat and how do you know what’s normal?


Horses sweat to regulate their body temperature during exercise or hot weather. While sweating is just a single component of the complex system that helps keep your horse cool, problems sweating can have significant consequences for his health and wellbeing.

How Do Horses Sweat?

The presence of sweat on the skin doesn’t cool the horse down. It’s actually the evaporation of sweat that helps remove heat from the horse’s muscles.

Sweating Isn’t Always Enough

Sometimes your horse may not be able to cool himself adequately after intense exercise in extreme heat. Humid weather can also prevent sweat from evaporating quickly enough to control body temperature.

Sweat marks after a hot summer ride are nothing to worry about. Horses sweat to keep themselves cool, and appropriate sweating is a sign of a healthy horse. 


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