Do It Yourself Portable Horse Corrals

Traveling with your horse means you’ll want a place for them to be able to rest and walk around. A really good idea is portable horse corrals done by yourself. 


Some portable corrals are not made of sturdy materials. You know your horse best and may be worried that your Houdini will break through the barriers.

What You Will Need

Basic DIY PVC Coral:   PVC Pipe  Cross Tee/Elbow/Tee PVC Fittings  One Can PVS Cement  Step-in Posts  Zip Ties  Saw

Electric Fencing:   Step in Posts  Electric fencing  battery or solar-powered fencer

Step By Step Instructions

1. Cut Down The PVC Pipe 2. Fit Together And Glue 3. Set Up Your Corral

Extra Tips For Building Your Portable Horse Corral

 Instead of keeping your PVC pipes long.  spray paint your PVC pipes and connectors.   Try testing out your horse corral at home.  You can also choose to use the side of your trailer .

How To Build A Portable Horse Corral

Making a DIY portable horse corral can be much more cost-effective and efficient than you would initially think. Horses appreciate a space away from a trailer or stall to move around, graze, and relax.

Make it easy to travel with your horse by keeping them as comfortable as possible with a portable corral, without breaking the bank.


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