Doing Your Own Horses Teeth – Is It A Good Idea?

Horses have many routine healthcare needs, and floating their teeth is one of them. But is doing your own horses teeth a good idea, or do you need a professional to do this job?


Horse Dentition Explained

Horse dentition is able to cope with eating so much roughage because of the anatomy of the teeth. 

Why Do Horses Need Their Teeth Floating?

In a healthy horse, the surface of each tooth meets exactly with the one opposite. This, combined with the chewing action of the horse, means that each tooth is worn down evenly. 

What Happens If You Don’t Float A Horse’s Teeth?

If a horse’s teeth are not floated, it is very likely that any abnormalities will become worse.

How Do You Float A Horse’s Teeth At Home?

Floating a horse’s teeth is normally carried out by a veterinarian or an equine dental technician. 

Can I Float My Horses Teeth Myself?

Floating a horse’s teeth is a very complex and intricate procedure, and should only be undertaken by a trained professional. 

So, as we have learned, it is not a good idea to attempt to float your own horse’s teeth. It takes many years to train as an equine dental professional, as they need to be able to diagnose and treat many different dental problems.


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