Donkeys And Horses Living Together – Is It Possible?

Have you ever wondered how people keep donkeys and horses living together? Or is it even possible to keep horses and donkeys together?


Are Donkeys Friendly With Horses?

Donkeys may be the same species as horses, but there are some big differences in how they socialize and interact. Donkeys are deeply loyal to their herd mates. 

Can You Keep Horses And Donkeys Together?

Horses, ponies, and donkeys can live together very happily, as long as they are given the appropriate living conditions. 

How To Keep Horses And Donkeys Together

Amazingly, some horses have never seen a donkey. They can be very startled when they meet one for the first time! Make sure you introduce the horses and donkeys gradually as you would any other equines.

So, as we’ve learned, donkeys and horses have very different social dynamics. They can live together quite happily as long as their social and other needs are met. Donkeys do need to pair-bond with another equine, which horses may not be quite so amenable to.


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