Draft Horse Height – Breed Comparison

Whether you’re completely mad about horses or just like to learn about them, you won’t fail to be impressed by the size and power of the draft horse breeds. These magnificent horses are the largest and strongest breeds of the equine world. 


What Is A Draft Horse?

Draft horses may also be known by several other names:  Draught horse  Dray horse  Cart horse  Work horse  Heavy horse

Draft Horse Height – Breed Comparison

 Shire Horse -  tall and strong breed of draft horse, originating from Britain.  Percheron - draft horse breed that is slightly lighter in stature than the Shire.

   Clydesdale - a very tall, muscular body. They have beautiful feathered legs and a stunning strutting movement.

What Is The Largest Draft Horse Ever?

 Samson (Mammoth) - was a Shire horse gelding from the UK born in 1846. Later renamed Mammoth, Sampson was 21.2½ hands high – that is an enormous 2.19 meters! 

What Is The Heaviest Horse Weight?

Sampson is not only the tallest horse on record, but he is also the heaviest! Weighing in at a massive 3,359 pounds (1,524 kg),his enormous horse weighed as much as over eight Shetland ponies!

So, as we have learned, draft horses are very powerful and beautiful breeds of horses. Traditionally, draft horses were used for hauling heavy loads and for farm work, but many of them are now considered to be rare breeds.


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